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Favola Hamster Cage

Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

Favola Hamster Cage: Item Review

The Favola hamster cage is a spacious habitat sized for one or two hamsters or similarly sized creatures. It provides plenty of space for water and food containers, litter for burrowing, and a hamster wheel for added exercise. It has two levels, making it easy to clean and fun for the creatures that live inside it.

The clear plastic base makes a good place for deep litter, perfect for burrowing, running on top of the bedding. This also means that biological waste will sift to the bottom of this layer. The wire mesh top section is removable, making for easy cleanup, and the deep “basement” even makes a nice place for little hamsters to create a bed. The upper level includes a hiding house, but that does not mean that your hamster will not want an added place to snooze.

Hamsters also like to have a “pantry” where they store their excess food. Having a clear plastic storage area will help with being able to see if your pocket pet is really out of food or if he or she is storing up for later.

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Small Animal Habitat

When it comes to small animal habitat, this is a very nice set-up. The wire mesh top of  Favola hamster cage (mesh is ¼ inches in size) allows your hamster to relieve itself in whatever part of the cage it might be in, and yet you have only one space, which will already be equipped with absorbent bedding material, that will require serious clean-up. Most of the furnishings for the enclosure are in the upper part – the hiding house, the food dish, water tube, and access to the exercise wheel. The wheel is also accessible from the lower level. A hatch and hamster ladder provide additional access to the burrowing level.

Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage Tubes

Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

The Favola hamster cage is set up with access ports that will make it easy to attach the tubes. If your hamsters have babies or if you simply decide you want more hamsters, you can allow them to socialize by adding Ferplast Favola hamster cage tubes that can be run to several different cages.

You do not have to wait for an increase in your hamster population to provide added cages and tubes. Hamsters love to run and explore. They will thank you for this handy addition to their space.

Favola Hamster Cage Accessories

The Favola Hamster cage has a variety of other accessories for your hamster’s enjoyment. These include a hideaway, food dish, water bottle, and a five-inch exercise wheel – just about everything your hamster needs to set up housekeeping and to keep you entertained. In addition to the standard items that come with the Favola cage, the company also sells hammocks, climbing toys, and similar items. Their hanging banana bed, or snug, pineapple bed nest is sure to be a hit, especially in the winter months when even the best-protected habitat might get a little chilly.

Best Hamster CageBest Hamster Cage

While it might be going to far to say that the Favola hamster cage is the best hamster cage, it certainly ranks right up there with top-tier small pet cages. In addition to being able to easily view your pet as he goes about his busy life, it is also set up to facilitate your ability to care for your fur baby. The mesh top clips neatly to the clear bottom. There is plenty of room for accessories for one or two hamsters, as well as the means to add more cages if your pet population grows.

In addition to the practical design and cute accessories, this small animal cage has a one-year warranty. Why just one year? Possibly because your darling little hamsters are equipped with an excellent set of teeth, and they love to chomp on all parts of their surroundings.

With that said, the  Favola small animal cage provides a practical, affordable home for small, furry pets such as hamsters, gerbils, or mice. The option to increase the size of the cage has a good chance of extending the life of the cage and making the whole thing even more fun for your family.

In Conclusion:

This is certainly one of the best, if not the best, small animal cage solutions on the market. It is perfect for one or two small animals and has the option of adding tubes to connect more cages. Favola makes the essential equipment part of your initial cage purchase but has available added toys and hiding places. The one-year manufacturer warranty means that any initial defects are covered.

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