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Prevue Pet Products 528 Review

Prevue Pet Products 528

Your Small Animal Pet Will Love the Prevue Pet Products 528 Living Quarters

Prevue Pet Products 528 is perfect for small home animals, and If your hamster is looking for a home that’s spacious enough for him to live in and lightweight enough for you to carry, then consider checking your hamster into Prevue Pet Products 528. It’s prime real estate for your hamster, or other small pets such as baby ferrets, small rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, sugar gliders, tortoises, lizards, and hedgehogs. Small pets delight in the capacious footage available in a Prevue Pet Products home, along with other Prevue products. 

Best Offers Prevue Pet Products 528 Cage

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home dimensions, Lots of Space

The Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home dimensions of the cage are 32 ½”  long, 19 inches wide, and 17 ½ inches high, with wire space that’s 3/8 of an inch, just the right measurement to keep your small pet safe and snug within, and no gaps for getting out. The cage is designed with rounded corners for added comfort and safety for your small pet. Since many small animals like to chew things, this product in the Prevue Pet Products 528 line is metal, not plastic, for safety. The Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home has been designed with a keen awareness of just what “small” means in reference to the size of animals that will be taking up residence inside.

Prevue Pet Products 528 Cage Offers Lots of Room

But a home is more than walls and wire, right? The Prevue Pet Products 528 cage has a large tubby base that’s 6 ¼ inches deep to allow plenty of space for exercise and also for the cage accessories that will offer stimulation and enjoyment for your pet.  The Prevue 528 cage model address isn’t just his home, after all; it’s also his gymnasium and his spa, so you want to take full advantage of the generous space allotment.

Prevue 528 Accessory Set – Relieving Small Pet Animal Stress

The Prevue 528 Accessory Set provides a replacement ramp and platform so that your energetic little Olympian can race at top speed on different levels. There’s plenty of room in the cage for other diversions as well.  You can’t forget a hamster wheel, but keep in mind that hamsters are nocturnal. So if your small pet resides in someone’s bedroom, make sure the exercise wheel is a silent model; those wheels are noisy!  You’ll also want to include ladders and shelves and tubes so that your hamster has different options for activity, as well as for hiding.  And of course, toys are also an important means of keeping your pet stimulated. Even a hamster experiences stress, particularly if he doesn’t have enough to do in his cage. If your small animal is a pet that is bursting with energy like a hamster, then it’s important for her to have enough space so that she can run all over the cage.

Staying Safe Inside The Prevue Hamster Cage

The Prevue hamster cage has two large entry doors. There’s a roof door on the top and a side-entry door; each door is 12 ¾ inches in length and 9 ¼ inches wide and closes with a wire latch locking mechanism.  There are six clips keeping the locking mesh securely in place.  Small animals are lightning quick and you don’t want to risk your pet escaping when you’re taking him out of the pet cages, which makes the secure latches very reassuring.

Prevue Company

The Prevue company has been in business for over 150 years. Even though the variety of pets might have changed through the decades, Prevue’s commitment to manufacturing top-quality, safe, expertly-designed products has continued to grow.  When it comes to making sure that the smallest members of your family, whether they come with tails, fur, or scales, Prevue is the name that pet lovers count on.

All coatings and materials used in the manufacturing of Prevue products are tested first to make sure they’re safe for your best exotic pets.  Pet safety is a Prevue priority, but the company also keeps the human users in mind, making sure that everything your purchase is easy to use and easy to clean.

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