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REPTI ZOO 67 gallon reptile large terrarium Review

REPTI ZOO 67 gallon reptile large terrarium - best exotic pets

Repti Zoo 67 Gallon Reptile Large Terrarium Review

The Repti Zoo 67 gallon reptile large terrarium is an excellent choice for housing your larger reptiles. Measuring 48” X 18” X 18” it is capable of accommodating medium to large reptiles. A good criterion for appropriate size is to watch your reptilian friend as he moves about in his enclosure. He should be able to easily turn around without bumping the sides of the container.

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Repti Zoo Knockdown Terrarium

The Repti Zoo 67 gallon large terrarium is a Reptizoo knockdown terrarium. This means that it is carefully packed in its component parts, using a combination of Styrofoam and cardboard to protect the glass panels during shipping. The kit includes full instructions and should take no more than five minutes to assemble.

Large Reptile Enclosure

A large reptile enclosure can be bigger than 67 gallon size. The very largest recommended for fully mature bearded dragons, and reptiles of similar size, are 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. The width is important for older beardies because it allows them room to explore and move about in their habitat.

While moving about is psychologically important to these desert reptiles, it also has a health component beyond simple exercise. Bearded dragons are exotherms, and require a variety of environmental temperatures to be able to self-regulate their own internal temperatures. They like a toasty warm basking spot, a nice, cool ledge they can hid under for napping or just generally chilling out, and they need a general ambient temperature that is somewhere between these two favorite spaces so that they are comfortable exercising, catching their food, and getting on with their life.

Reptile Terrarium Tank

There are some general requirements for a reptile terrarium tank. First, the general rule is one reptile, one tank. There are exceptions to this, of course, but on the whole reptiles are solitary, territorial creatures who are completely happy living alone in a comfortable terrarium, especially if the room service is good. By “room service” we mean the right amount of appropriate food, which can include vegetables, fruit, kibble, or live foods ranging from mealworms to feeder mice. In addition, a reptile’s “room” should usually include a UV lamp (type will vary by type of reptile), a heat source which can be heat lamps, and internally warmed stone, or underneath the heating mat. Each resource has its own merits.

A good thermometer and thermostat combo is also important for maintaining warm and cool zones, and to keep the overall temperature at the perfect temp for your particular reptile.

Water, in some form or other, is an absolute must for all reptiles. Some prefer to lick it off leaves, while others like a container or even a soaking tub. If your reptile eats a prepared food, you will want something to hold that. Absorbent bedding will help with cleaning up waste. With that said, avoid pine or wood shavings as reptile bedding. Also, avoid green or living wood or plants harvested from the outdoors. Some types of plant matter can cause allergic reactions in some reptiles. Beyond that, plants that are growing out of doors might have been sprayed with insecticide or herbicide, neither of which would be welcome in your reptile’s habitat.

Avoid Oversizing

While it is tempting to purchase the largest cage possible and simply let a young reptile grow into it, oversized cages can make it more difficult for reptilian babies to catch their prey. They can also be more expensive to heat correctly for a young reptile and could even allow the little one to get lost in the furnishings. If you do have a large cage and expect your reptile to grow into it, it could be a good idea to partition off an area that can slowly be expanded as your reptile grows.

REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium Assembly

Watch the video about REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium Assembly and learn all about the Know down glass terrariums, a world unique patented design available for aquatic or amphibians pets.

A Just Right Size Selection

The Repti Zoo 67-gallon reptile large terrarium is a “just right” size selection for many young adult reptiles. It is a good size for those who are growing out of their second enclosures but are not yet ready for a truly large terrarium. Sizing items to keep in mind are that the terrariums will accommodate all the equipment, including water and food dishes, basking areas, and a comfy place to hide or cool off, and still have plenty of room for your reptile to roam around and explore.

Correct sizing also makes it easier to clean the terrarium, an essential part of pet keeping. Correct sizing helps with the health and happiness of your reptilian friend.

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