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REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium Review

REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium

A Repti Zoo reptile glass terrarium makes an ideal home for your reptile family member. They are structured with wily reptile escape artists in mind while creating an environment where your best exotic pets can be comfortable and happy. Most reptiles require daily UV, have a specific temperature that will keep them comfortable, and should have a hiding place where they can cool off or just be private for a while. They will also need food. Some can be fed prepared pellets or meal, while others might require fresh food such as vegetables and fruit, mealworms, crickets, or even feeder mice.

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Large Reptile Terrarium For Comfort and Safety

Large reptiles require a large reptile terrarium for comfort and safety. Even the types that like to climb need at least a six-inch clearance beyond their length from nose to tail tip on all sides so that they can easily turn around and move about. There also needs to be room for items such as drinking water and food containers, basking rocks, climbing areas, and a shady place to retreat and take a nap. A secure top helps to keep both the reptile and perhaps even their live food contained.

More than that, the top is frequently used to support the UV light fixtures, and sometimes heat lamps for reptiles that are simply used to help warm the enclosure. Additional fixtures, such as a water mister or circulator, substrate heaters, or even circulation fans might need to be attached inside the enclosure. Therefore, it is handy to have appropriately sized apertures for tubes and wiring as well as a way to mask these items so that your pet is not harmed by them while being unable to damage the equipment.

Reptizoo Terrarium 36X18X18

A Reptizoo terrarium that is 36X18X18 has all of these things. It will easily accommodate most mid-sized reptiles with plenty of room left for all their amenities. In addition, the mesh top is structured to support proper lighting for your reptilian pet, as well as to provide good ventilation. Slots that can be secured are provided for items that require power or tubing and that will be placed inside the terrarium. The terrarium is on a raised bottom frame that makes it easy to place a bottom heater. This is particularly nice for species that need darkness to sleep, yet still need to have a warm temperature maintained inside their enclosure.

The waterproof substrate area can be set up for either desert or rainforest environments. It has a lip that will keep sand or other environmental materials contained, allowing reptiles that like to dig or burrow a place to do exactly that. Two front doors make it easy to feed your reptile or clean the cage. Instead of having to remove the top, which probably has lights and other equipment attached, you can simply open one of the side doors to perform all necessary maintenance. It also makes it easy to interact with your reptile, if he or she is of a species that will enjoy the attention.

Reptizoo Knockdown Terrarium

The Reptizoo knockdown terrarium is carefully packaged in layers of cardboard and Styrofoam to prevent breakage in transit. It comes with full instructions and should take about five minutes to assemble, making it perfect for times when you want to travel with your pet. It can be taken apart and prepared for travel in about the same amount of time. With that said, it can also serve as a permanent home for your favorite reptile. Easy to put together, nicely set up and arranged, and easy to embellish, your Reptizoo Reptile Aquarium will meet the needs of most mid-sized reptiles. Reptizoo has a larger terrarium enclosure that can easily accommodate larger reptiles.

Large Reptile Enclosure

Large reptiles require a large reptile enclosure. The Repti zoo glass terrarium is designed with the goal of making your large reptile enclosure comfortable in mind while making it convenient for you to set up all the different things that your reptile needs. Heat, basking space, and a place to hide and take a nap are all things that most reptiles need. In addition, all creatures of any size need food and water. A large reptile enclosure, such as the Reptizoo Knockdown Terrarium, makes it easy to fit in all the important things needed by your particular reptile.

REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium Assembly

Watch the video about REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium Assembly and learn all about the Know down glass terrariums, a world unique patented design available for aquatic or amphibians pets.

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