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Best glass reptile terrarium is a good choice for housing snakes, lizards, and even some types of large insects. They offer a good opportunity for creating a controlled environment for your resident ecotherm, or “cold-blooded” creature.

Why do Reptiles and Amphibians need special housing?

Reptiles and amphibians use the environment to help control their internal temperature. This means that if they are feeling cold, they might look for a warm rock to bask on. If they are too warm they might hide under a thick rock or log that will help insulate them from the external temperatures. If temperatures become too extreme, they might burrow underground to attempt to protect themselves.

Many reptiles and amphibians also have specific atmospheric condition requirements, such as a warm dry climate, or a warm humid climate. It is possible that neither of those conditions would be comfortable for you in your home.  Reptile terrariums are the best way to provide a secure home for your reptile or amphibian.

What makes a good large glass reptile terrarium?

A good large glass reptile terrarium needs an area for basking, often under a sunlamp, a shaded area where your reptile or amphibian can retreat, a soaking pool, a place to grow some plants since some species prefer to get their drinks off a leaf rather than out of a container or bottle. There will also need to be provision for a food source. Some reptiles prefer their meals to be alive, while others are content to munch down pet chow, vegetables, or fruits. Temperature control is crucial for your reptile’s well-being, so temperature gauges are a must. If those gauges can be connected to a thermostat, so much the better because that means less fiddling about with manual adjustments.

Is a glass terrarium with a lid a good choice?

Perhaps. A terrarium set up for plants might have a tighter seal on the lid than one meant for reptiles. The idea behind a plant terrarium is to provide an environment where the moisture in the enclosure collects and rains back down on the plants. To make a plant terrarium a good choice for a reptile, you might need to add ventilation in the tank. You might also need to make changes to the way it is heated since many plant terrariums are set up with heating elements on the bottom of the container, and a UV light on the top. While these conditions are shared by some glass reptile terrarium, the set up for plants might be somewhat different.

Lids also make getting to your pet a little more difficult than if your terrarium had a door, and there is a small risk of burning yourself on the sun lamp while you are maintaining the cage.

What are the characteristics of a good glass terrarium for reptiles?

First, you want to be sure that it is a terrarium, not an aquarium. A terrarium is set up to have drainage and is likely to have a lid that can easily be opened and closed for maintenance. It has thinner walls than an aquarium and will be lighter in weight. A glass reptile terrarium should have a lid that fits tightly, and it should be set up with good ventilation. You will want to firmly restrain your reptile, but you also want to have good airflow through the terrarium.

At the same time, if you are in a cool climate zone, a mesh lid can cause heat retention problems for your terrarium. Mark Chapple, author of “How to Build Enclosures for Reptiles” suggests putting vent holes at the bottom of the cool end of the terrarium, and vent holes at the top of the warm end of the terrarium to encourage a natural flow of fresh air. With these vents in place, it might be possible to cover all or part of a mesh lid with a more solid material.

Are there advantages to a Front Opening Terrarium?

Yes, there are. A front opening terrarium makes it easier to reach your pet and to clean up in its cage. It also means that you will not need to move the basking lamp or work around it to do general maintenance and daily cleanup. It makes it easier to introduce new scenery, which can help some species maintain interest in their environment.

Best Reptiles Pet Terrariums Brands:

We show you the best reptiles pet terrariums brands in the market with all their features and the best animal terrariums offer by the dominant brands in the industry. Click on the Logo of each brand for more information about the terrarium company, their best small, medium, and large terrarium models, prices, and offers.

What can I keep in a small reptile terrarium tank?

Small reptile terrariums are great for crickets, spiders, and some kinds of chameleons. These are what are commonly known as “dry” pets. Small wet terrariums are good for frogs, newts, and crayfish. The advantage of a small tank is that you can fit it into a tiny house, small apartment, or a cubicle sized office.

Is a Reptizoo reptile glass terrarium a good choice?

Yes, it is. Although Reptizoo terrariums might seem a bit pricey, they are worth every penny. The Reptizoo model is preferred by herpetologists because they are set up specifically for reptiles or amphibians. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they already come equipped with the basics. You will not have any need to fiddle about with vents or other add-on equipment. All you will need to add is any environmental embellishments, such as plants or climbing rocks, food, water, and (of course) your pet. This can be a huge advantage if you are just starting out.

What is a good Glass Terrarium for a Chameleon?

Reptibreeze and Exo Terra both make excellent glass terrariums for chameleons. Although a tiny cage is a good starting place for small chameleons, in the long run, your chameleon needs a roomy cage. They like plenty of interesting things to climb on and hide behind, so it is a good idea to add plants, clean driftwood, and similar objects to keep up their interest. Chameleons like a warm, humid atmosphere, so having a temperature-controlled environment just for them will mean a greater chance that you and your little color-changing friend will happily co-exist.

Do reptiles do well in a glass terrarium with a door?

Yes, they do. For some species, you might need to situate your room lighting to reduce reflection so the males do not think there is a rival male in their territory. With that said, several of the major producers of reptile cages make glass terrariums with a door specifically for reptiles.

Where can I buy terrarium tanks?

Some best exotic pets stores sell terrarium tanks. If they sell reptiles, there is a good chance that they will have proper habitat terrariums. A few department stores might carry them, but a big box store might not be your best choice. There are several online suppliers, some of whom sell through Amazon

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