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SMONTER Dog Crate Review


The SMONTER Dog Crate Provides A Strong, Secure Space for Your Large Dog

A SMONTER Dog Crate serves several different purposes for your pet and performs them all to perfection. As all dog owners know, the crate is his means of transport when it’s time to get in the car and take a trip. But it also serves a very important in-house role. The dog crate is a special safe place where your dog can go when he needs to feel secure. You’ll crate your dog when being loose is not the best option for him. Maybe you’re going to be away from the house for a few hours and you don’t want her to be loose. Maybe you’re going back to work after almost two years of working from home and you’re training your dog to adjust to your change in schedule so that he doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety when you’re away.  Maybe your pet is having “one of those days” and just needs to be off by herself for a while so that she can reconsider her behavior. A SMONTER dog crate is designed so that, whatever the reason for the crating, the dog needs to be safe and comfortable so that you’re not worried about your pet’s comfort and safety. We’ve come up with some of the reasons why this model of dog crate is so well suited for your pet.

SMONTER Dog Crate Features and Specs

 Model  Dog Crate
 Color Brown or Black
 Material Metal
 Number of Doors 3
 Number of Levels 1
 Sizes 38INC & 42INC
 Wheels Yes: 360-degree rotating wheels
Sterilization and odor removal Yes: Up/ down & Front/ back


Best Offers SMONTER Dog Crate (38INCH and 42INCH)

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Deeps Pets Comfortable And Safe.

In order for a dog to be comfortable in his crate, there should be enough space for him to lie flat, and also to turn around without touching the sides of the crate. It also needs to be strong enough so that he can’t escape from it. The SMONTER dog crate measures 38 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 32 inches high and is designed to hold most large- and medium-sized dogs. If you’re looking for a dog crate that’s strong enough to withstand the initial efforts of your pet to escape, you’ll appreciate the SMONTER dog crate’s durability. And you’ll also appreciate the features that make her crate a place she wants to be as she becomes accustomed to it.

heavy duty metal dog crates
You Can Have Confidence In Your SMONTER Indestructible Dog Crate

Made out of welded steel, the metal frame can stand up to the most determined efforts of any dog who’s trying to wriggle out of the cage.  Even if your dog tries to chew on the frame, the surface has a non-toxic finish that won’t harm your pet. The crate’s Y-pattern design is bite-proof so that  he won’t be able to stick his head out of the cage, and the double lock has safety buckles so that he can’t get out. Once he realizes that he’s secure inside, he’s able to calm down and relax. The top-door design is a plus for dog owners who want to be able to easily get their dogs in and out of the crate.

Chose The SMONTER Large Dog Cage With Wheels For Easy Mobility

The SMONTER dog crate is designed for ease of use and the 360-degree rotating wheels help to make that possible. The two lockable castors add stability to the crate when it’s in motion. In addition to being easy to move, this dog crate is easy to keep clean, thanks to the slide-out plastic tray that’s removable. The crates design allows for excellent ventilation while your dog is inside, as well as visibility so that she can see you from within and be reassured by your presence.

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